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Dr Simon Horner

Consultant Cardiologist (Heart Specialist) and Physician

in Mancheter




Dr Simon Horner

Consultant Cardiologist (Heart sSpecialist) and Physician in Manchester



Patients benefit from my 30 years of clinical experience and over 100,000 medical consultations…

I am a Cardiologist based in Manchester who is known amongst colleagues for being very thorough and conscientious. This is the reason that some doctors choose me to be their heart doctor. Having worked as a heart specialist in the top heart unit in the United States I keep up to date with what is happening in the US guidelines as well as UK and European guidelines and so I am aware of potentially different international approaches to your heart problems. I have extensive experience as a high volume cardiologist of treating patients in the full range of clinical settings. There is further information here.


Problems with the heart and circulation do not always present with obvious symptoms or the symptoms may be thought to be due to other causes. So it is useful to see a heart specialist with a fair amount of experience and thoroughness is also important in investigating the problem. When it comes to investigations and treatment there is often a range of options. Each option has its own risks and benefits which need explaining carefully so that the patient can make the best choice for them. Further information on medical symptoms, investigations and treatments can be found on the patient information page, in the weblinks page and external websites such as the AHA.


Some patients like the fact that I am accredited across the whole of Medicine although my principal speciality is Cardiology. This means that I can discuss, advise and potentially deal with other medical problems that you may have.

Lastly, I have an excellent secretary who enjoys her job and so clinically we run a very approachable and efficient service.

Patient Testimonial


“I chose to see you because I knew you would be thorough”

– Fellow Consultant Physician coming to see Dr Horner as a patient