“I could not of had better treatment” – BH

“Excellent doctor”

“Very pleasant experience seeing this doctor very polite and understanding”

“Dr. Horner is a doctor who treated me with respect. He takes trouble to put me in the picture with regards to my condition. A pleasure to meet – a good man”

“Very pleasant and welcoming, well-informed”

“The best doctor ever”

“Dr. Horner has been an excellent doctor dealing with my heart issues, very easy to talk with, gives lucid analysis and advice, listens carefully to concerns, reassuring”

“Excellent Doctor Made you feel completely at ease”

“He was very polite and understanding I was very satisfied”

“I am genuinely very impressed”

“Friendly, polite, inspired confidence, efficient”

“Pleasant very professional and caring”

“A very nice man!”

“Dr. Horner was a lovely polite gentleman – put me at ease right away”

“Both my wife and I were in admiration, not only in relation to the degree of expertise, but also the care and dedication shown on a daily basis”

“Mrs. V  has telephoned to thank you for saving her husband’s life”

“I have seen my dad walking to consultations with yourself feeling a bit low and come out walking on air, money cannot buy that it is that bit extra on top of being exceptional physician and consultant that makes you so special.”

“I have found Dr. Horner a most wonderful helpful professional gentlemen, I owe a lot to him. I have been with him for many years and I could not have wished for anyone better”

“Many thanks for your speedy and efficient attention. The whole episode was so well handled it was almost invisible.”

A Consultant Physician who has worked in the NHS for more than 40 years and in private practice at the Alexandra Hospital for 30 years and who knows the other Cardiologists in Private practice in Manchester said “I chose you because I knew that you would be thorough”

“you are a genius”– from a man who had seen two consultant physicians who had failed to diagnose the clots on his lung which could have been fatal

“You are the only doctor I have ever trusted”

“It is most gratifying to know that I have a doctor of your caliber looking after us”

“I would like to thank you for your kind assistance during my current illness I am feeling 90% better than when I first saw you”

“you are an inspiration to your profession”

“with grateful thanks for your kindness and expert treatment”

“your devotion is a consultant to his patient is always been of the highest quality”

“thank you for all your medical care and kindness you have shown to MD while he has been in your care. And for fixing for us!”

“I would like to say a very big thank you for being so thorough with your investigations. I consider myself to be very lucky to have been the benefactor of your wonderful experience.”

“Thanks to your wonderful care I can look forward to my 90th birthday!”

“I have been so scared and you relaxed me. I feel a different person and each day is a day better than the previous one stop I will be forever in your debt.”

“I really felt so safe in your hands and I wanted you to know how much our and I appreciate everything you did for me”

“I have over the years met with various doctors, consultants and specialists both NHS and private, however, your manner, your concern and approach with a single best example of medical care I have experienced, ever.”

“Thank you very much for your magnificent care”

“Thank you so much for the great care and attention that you have given me this week, for your daily visits and updates. I could not have been in better hands!”

“A big thank you for your fantastic help in diagnosing and solving my problems. Thank you, – it is now 10 years since Dr. A asked you to look after me for which I am more than grateful. I also feel safer with you” “in the background and realize how lucky I am to still be able to move mobilise around. I think of you daily, as it is your encouragement which keeps me going even with the bike!!”

“You are the best physician outside London”

“I have found Dr Horner a most wonderful, helpful professional gentlemen I owe a lot to him. I have been with him for many years I could not have wished for anyone better”

“I would not be alive today without his (Dr Horner’s) help”

“Your welcome daily visits to review my condition and update me, and your genuine interest in checking on my well-being, were very reassuring.”

“Everything at the Alexandra hospital is first class – especially Dr. Horner!”

“I visited Dr. Horner following a routine medical assessment during which there was an irregular reading on the ECG, Dr Horner was extremely helpful. His manner was 100% professional and his knowledge was excellent.”

“Many thanks for your expertise and caring. We really appreciated your invaluable assistance and advice.”

“At least because you found the problem I have a life ahead of me”